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During all exchanges students and even teachers did performances about tales from all countries.

The way of working out these performances was done at the same way every time.

After doing rehearsels a few times during an exchange the performance was done on the last day of the exchange, so all parents and students could joint this experience.


Tales were found on different ways, by searching on internet but also by visiting elderly homes or older family members.


We started in The Netherlands with a few Dutch tales, of which the Dutch drama teacher had written performances.


At the exchange in Norway all countries had written a tale performance which was originally from their own country or regional area.

When we were in Spain and Turkey we acted in the same way, all countries had written a tale performance of already existing tales.

But during the exchange in Turkey all students have been working on creating new tales. Of all these tales there were developed new performances. 

During the exchange in The United Kingdom students performed a few of these new created tales.


Next to doing performances during mobilities participating students worked on dissemination of the tales by doing performances at local primary schools or with local primary school students.

Plays presentation April 3
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