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About trip to Norway:

All goodbyes are sad but this one was the hardest that i’ve ever felt before. I hope these friendships will be long-lasting. I will never forget my host family, who were so hospitable and kind to me and my friends...

Dilara BALCI . Grade 10. Turkey

About working with primary students: 

    I learned that choosing people to collaborate nicely and respectfully with, is sometimes hard. But my friends in this project and me have learned how to work in peace and have fun. I felt very lucky to be working with them. But I am sure that we all have showed respect and tolerated each other to avoid problems. Through this journey, I learned to be empathetic and respectful to each other.

We have noticed that children these days don’t use their imagination and creativity. So, we have decided to do a project to raise their creativity and imagination.


About trip to The Netherlands

First of all, I want to thank my teachers and my school for this great opportunity that they gave us. It was a wonderful experience. I had the chance to meet new people from other countries and got to know different cultures. I made lots of friends from different countries and I am sure that these friendships will last forever. We learned many different legends that belonged to the Netherlands, we had the chance to visit Anne Frank’s house and we did a canal tour in Amsterdam. I enjoyed this experience a lot, even when we had to ride very long distances on bikes. I am looking forward to seeing my new friends again and I would love to have another experience like this one.

Dilser Ünsal, Grade 9. Turkey

About trip to the Netherlands    

First all the students met each other, then we started to work on our project. We got on very well with each other and it was really enjoyable to work with students from different countries. We worked on different legends of Holland and we brought them to life by acting them out. We joined some of the students’ lessons and we also joined a wood-working and painting workshop. We learned new information and had a lot of fun at the same time. A student from the UK had a birthday and we celebrated it together. It felt like we’d known each other for years.

Before everyone went back home, some of our friends cried. It was really surprising to see how quickly people could become good-friends. I am so thankful for our teachers and for this unforgettable opportunity they made possible.

Doğa Akyurt, Grade 9, Turkey

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