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Students and teachers from partner countries had their 1st meeting in Emmeloord to participate in the activities for Erasmus Plus Project between 5-9 November 2018. They participated in the following activities:
At Emelwerda College and attended the project opening meeting. Students made presentations to introduce their cities and schools. After school tour and icebreaker (by PE teachers) all participating students were taken to the towns of Noordoostpolder, Schokland and Urk and listened to the known tales and legends in these towns from the history teacher. 
Tuesday 6th: Students and teachers participated in the workshop on IT tools, requirements were discussed through the Twinspace. The pages associated with the project were explained and all the partners were informed about how to use and edit the website.  Then the students were divided into groups for drama rehearsals to revive Dutch tales. In the afternoon, all students worked on designing the project logo in groups.
Wednesday 7th: All teachers and students were taken to the city tour of Amsterdam, where the guide teacher accompanied the group in the historical sites and gave information about the regional legends. Following the tour of the canal, the group toured the house of Anne Frank. Before the trip, the group attended a workshop about Anne Frank and the important historical events of the time. 
Thursday 8th: Students attended some lessons at school. With the techniques they learnt, the guest students created their own products. Then teachers conducted the second project meeting while the students were having their drama rehearsals. In the afternoon the entire group went ice skating in Heerenveen and met women who won the last Elfstedentocht, which is a national sports event with a rich cultural history.
Friday 9th: The logos that were designed were presented by groups in the computer class. All logos were voted and the logo to be used in the project was selected. Afterwards, Erasmus Plus corner was updated with gifts from the guests. The students attended the presentation of video creation / technology usage given by one of the partner students. After the final rehearsals for the drama activity, small groups of students performed different Dutch tales. During the final dinner at school all the participants and the host families spent the last evening together sharing their experiences from the trip and learning about each other’s cultures.


The group arrived in Holmestrand on 9 Feb,2019 and were picked by the hosts.The students spent the day with the hosts and had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a new culture by participating in the tours organized by the parents and following the routines of their daily life. The teachers visited the house Edward Münch in Asgardstrand and were guided and informed about the painter and his period.They toured the Haugar Art Museum and had the opportunity to see the works of other artists influenced him. 

Students and teachers met at the host school Hof Skole on Feb 10 and attended the opening and welcoming ceremony. They made their presentations introducing their countries, cities and the schools and got to know each other more closely. While the teachers held the project meetings at school, the participants started drama rehearsals under the supervision of the teachers to prepare for the performances. The rehearsals were performed in groups of mixed students from each country. Then, all participants participated in the sport activity by taking cross-country skiing lessons from the authorized teachers.

On Feb 11,the project meeting of the teachers and the drama rehearsals continued. The whole group went to Oslo. They first visited the Nobel Peace Center, accompanied by a guide and listened to the history of the Nobel Peace Prize and the story of the winners in 2018. They then toured the area where all the past award winners were exhibited. They played Treasure Hunt in mixed groups in order to see important structures and areas of Oslo. Finally, they visited the Opera House and returned to their homes.

On Feb.13, drama rehearsals and project meetings were held. All students were included in the rehearsals for the prom night held on the same date of the school every year and guest students attended the rehearsals for the school dance. All students, teachers and host families came together to perform the plays and had the opportunity to learn about different cultures. The students did a very good collaborative work by guiding tales of their countries. The host families had made cakes and everyone had a nice time together after having watched the performances. The principal handed out certificates to all the participants.

On Feb.14, all groups and teachers participated in the video editing workshop and worked in groups to create common products. The Erasmus Corner of the school was updated by the group. All participants were taken to the Midgard Viking Center where they were informed about the history of the Vikings and the findings of their past lives and lifestyles. They also tried some “viking sports” and ate soup in a replica of a viking building. All students and teachers attended the school dance at night and witnessed a traditional event and the whole group had the opportunity to have a good time together. 

The groups traveled from Gardermoen Airport to their countries and completed the project mobility on Feb.15.


During this third mobility of the projects students and teachers followed this program: First day students spent the day with the host students and their families and followed the program planned for them.  The teachers spent the day together and toured the region.
For the next 3 days students and teachers met at the IES Miguel Fernandez to attend different activities. Opening ceremony of the project. The school administration and the project coordinator provided information on the content of the project and the work to be carried out. After the school tour, the students gathered in the gym and took part in orientation  activities and team games. Then, all the students were given a presentation about producing comics and they were told  how to animate their tales with pictures. While the students started working in mixed groups in the classrooms, the partner school teachers carried out the project meetings. Their worked in groups (comics, comparative study of tales and legends across Europe). In addition, a group of students began rehearsing their performances (plays and puppet show) for the culture night. The partner teachers held meetings to discuss “European Cultural Heritage through Tales and Legends” and “Tales of the 21st Century, European Cultural Heritage of the future and other topics. 
Information about Airtable and Twinspace platforms was given and student profiles were completed. Teachers worked on Mobility Tool and the Progress Report which was asked from Turkey by National Agency. They evaluated the development of the project and made sure that the process was progressing correctly. Erasmus Corner was updated.  
On Tuesday we visited the Sefardi Route accompanied by guides and visited the important cultural and religious centers of the city.
On Wednesday culture night was held with the participation of all host and guest students, teachers and families. During the night, the students played important scenes from a Spanish fairy tale and performed an English and a Dutch fairy tale as a puppet show. Afterwards, the traditional meals prepared by the parents were eaten and the whole group had a nice evening together.

On Thursday morning students met in the city center and went to Plaza de Espana, the city's official town hall. They attended the reception organized by the city president and shared the purpose and process of the project and contributed to the dissemination activities. Afterwards, they participated in the Gymkana tour and learned about modern art. Students visited Old Town and gathered information about the city. They played treasure hunt in mixed groups and discovered the city's important points themselves. A group of students attended the graduation ceremony and graduation dinner with their hosts, while the remaining group went to see the flamenco dance show. Students, who had the chance to watch a typical graduation ceremony and a traditional dance, gained new knowledge about culture.


November 2, 2019: The group arrived in İstanbul and picked by the host students and parents. The hosts took the students home.

November 3, 2019: The students spent the day with the host students and their families and followed the program planned for them. They had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a new culture by participating in the publicity tours by the parents and the activities they introduced our students through the routines they followed in daily life. A group of students participated in EuroAsia Marathon which was held for charity. The teachers visited Beylerbeyi Palace and got information about Ottoman Empire period. They also had a sightseeing tour in Moda and Kadıköy where they listened to legends about historical places and different areas in İstanbul told by the Turkish Literature teacher. They then went to the European side and visited historical places. The group had a welcome dinner with the school administration.


November 4, 2019: Students and teachers met at the host school İELEV Private High School at 8.00. After attending the opening and welcoming ceremony, the students of each partner country made their presentations introducing their countries, cities and the schools they came from, thus getting to know each other more closely. While the teachers held the project meetings at the school, the participating students participated in orientation games which were conducted by Grade 12 students as a part of their CAS project in their IB-DP. The group had a school tour and were introduced to department staff. The partner students and teachers visited different classes to observe a variety of subjects which enabled them to see samples from Turkish curriculum. The teachers had dinner at Maiden’s Tower where they learnt about the interesting tale of the place.   


November 5, 2019: Students and teachers met in European Side/Sultanahmet at 9.00. First they visited Hagia Sophia in a guided tour and learnt about the history of the area and the place. They visited the Basilica Cistern where they were informed about another legend. After that the group had lunch on a boat which toured the Bosphorus and the tour guide told them different legends about various historical buildings, places they saw during the trip. The group then visited the Grand Bazaar and Egyptian Market, which gave them another view about Turkish culture. 


November 6, 2019: Students and teachers met at the host school İELEV at 8.30. Drama rehearsals and project meetings were held. Partner teachers worked on evaluation of project progress, England mobility dates and mobility tool while the students were working in “tale creation workshops” . They worked in 11 different mixed groups and the workshops were conducted by host students. They created their own tales following the steps introduced by the host students. In the afternoon teachers worked on comparative study of tales and legends across Europe and students went on working on their tales and uploaded all the tales they created in shared drive folder to be edited. 


November 7, 2019: Students and teachers met at the host school İELEV at 8.30. The teachers had their project meeting and worked on Airtable forms, and dissemination.  The Erasmus Corner of the school was updated by the group. The students had rehearsals in the auditorium to get ready for the culture night. At 17.00 parents started arriving at school and they brought various kinds of typical Turkish dishes to attend the school night. All students and teachers attended the night. The parents and school staff watched the plays performed by the students in mixed groups. Everyone enjoyed the culture night and all the partners said “Goodbye” to each other , knowing they have gained new friends with whom they will be in touch with from now on. The participants received their certificates of attendance and ended another fruitful mobility with wonderful memories. 


15 February 2019: The groups traveled from İstanbul Airport to their countries and completed the project activity.

The mobility of the project was generally full of activities that were very suitable for the title and purpose of the project. The participant students communicated with the group in a very comfortable way and they enjoyed all the activities and gained great experiences. The students completed the trip with very positive achievements such as using English language, getting to know different cultures, getting detailed information about fairy tales and legends, finding solutions to problems, using technology, respecting and adapting to differences, feeling like being part of a team in group work. 


March 7th:
On that day, we started our trip and the host families picked the students up. They went to their host homes and they met their families. 

March 8th:
On Sunday, the students had time to visit other towns (Chester) with their host families and the teachers worked on the project. In the evening the teachers went for a sunday roast at Park Gate. 

March 9th:
On the first day of the week, students and teachers went to the Wirral Grammar School for Boys (WGSB). We were welcomed in the School Hall. We listened to the introduction of the Headteacher and Mayor. After that, students made their presentations. We could see the school center and played “Kin Ball” in the Sports Hall. Later, the students went with their hosts to a lesson and the teachers worked on the project. 
At night, teachers had dinner in Andrew’s home.

March 10th:
On Tuesday, we took the train in Port Sunlight Station to get to the Birkenhead Transport Museum. Students visited the Museum in a free tour. After that, we took Merseyside’s ferry to get to the Liverpool Maritime Museum. We came back to Woodside, walked up to Hamilton Square and finally arrived at Wirral Grammar School for Boys at 18:00. Students and teachers went to their host homes and to the Premier Inn Hotel. At night teachers went to a typical pub for dinner.

March 11th:
The following day students and teachers started working on the project in the IT room. After that we took a bus to Blaenau (Wales) to have some fun in the trampoline caves. We came back to Wirral at 19:00. At night teachers went to a typical indian food restaurant.

March 12th:
On Thursday we went to an Anfield Stadium tour. We could see the pitch, stands and changing rooms of the Liverpool FC. Later we had time for shopping and lunch in a shopping center near Liverpool FC Stadium and lunch. After that we went to Wirral to practise tales presentations. Unfortunately, presentations and farewells were canceled following the instructions given by the authorities because of Covid-19.

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