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Marina Delgado Valero


Melilla is a Spanish autonomous city located on the north coast of Africa.

Its geographical position, history, population and culture (cohabitation of Christians, Muslims and Jews since the 19th century) give the city a unique atmosphere.
It has a fortress, Melilla La Vieja, built between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, equipped with warehouses, cisterns, bastions, wells, forts, caves, mines, chapels (one of them, the only Gothic religious work in Africa) and hospitals.

The architectural heritage of Melilla, located in the city centre, is considered along with Barcelona as one of the best exponents of the Spanish modernist style of the early twentieth century.

Melilla has a Mediterranean climate. It is a temperate climate, with winds from the west and east, also occasionally wind from the Sahara. The average annual temperature is around 19 ° C. Winters are mild and summers are warm. 

IES Miguel Fernández

This secondary school opened in the school year 1992-1993 and it was pioneer in applying the current Compulsory Secondary Education curriculum system in Spain. 989 students aged 13-18 years old attend the school. Staff includes 80 teachers and around 10 administration members.

Students come from very different social and economic backgrounds, since this unique town in the north of Africa has been inhabited by Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus for generations, having some immigrants at risk of social exclusion.

Our school has been related to Cultural Heritage since its foundation as it was named after the famous poet Miguel Fernandez who was born in Melilla.

We are going to celebrate the XXIV Miguel Fernández International Poetry Awards this year.

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