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Wirral or The Wirral is bounded to the west by the River Dee, forming a boundary with Wales, to the east by the River Mersey and to the north by the Irish Sea.

The rectangular peninsula is about 15 miles (24 km) long and 7 miles (11 km) wide. Historically part of Cheshire, Wirral's boundary with the rest of Cheshire was officially placed at "Two arrow falls from Chester City Walls", according to the Domesday Book.

Under that definition, places such as Ledsham, Puddington and Saughall would be part of Wirral.

Despite containing urban and industrial areas, Wirral still has picturesque villages, sandy beaches, large areas of land owned by the National Trust as well as views across the two estuaries and out into the Irish Sea.

Wirral Grammar School for boys

Wirral Grammar School for Boys was founded in 1931. Academically successful, the school was placed 42nd in the top 100 in the Daily Telegraph 'A' level table in 2015. It has around 1077 students. They have different houses: Baber, Dodds, Hodgson and Lever.

On 23 March 1925, Cheshire County Council passed a resolution to build a new secondary school in Bebington. Designed by the County architect, F Anstead Browne, the new school was opened by the Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire, Brigadier-General Sir William Bromley-Davenport on 26 September 1931

Boys have to take the 11+ examination to enter and entry is made purely on academic ability hence many are gifted and talented and students come from all social backgrounds. At Wirral Grammar School we pride ourselves in setting and achieving high academic standards. We also believe that school life is about wider participation and this is reflected in an outstanding breadth of extra-curricular opportunities. We encourage our boys both to work hard and play hard. Ours is a school in which boys grow and mature into confident young men, equipped with all the qualifications and skills that today’s professional world demands. The school is located in Bebington which is a middle class town near Port Sunlight; a village with a rich history and Liverpool; a city famous for its cultural heritage, from the maritime to the music.

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